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Our Business Philosophy & What We Do

Feeding scheme organisations rely on ‘pre-cooked’ or ‘ready-to-eat breakfast cereals’ to supply poverty-stricken children's daily access to ‘balanced’ and ‘nutritious’ morning meals. Large food companies produce these ready-to-eat cereals through mixing selected ingredients into recipes.

To increase the nutritional value of ready-to-eat meals offered to poor children, and reduce stunting rates, current recipes require drastic improvement. Recipes can only be improved if we design them for a different purpose than creating monetary wealth for private companies. It is innovative and not difficult to bring non-profit processing into the supply chain.

Let’s focus on real nutritional values and put real value in the tummies!

The benefits of non-profit food processing are:
  • The transparent nature of a non-profit business model brings comfort to buyers and funders that costs are maximised towards the provision of nutrients

  • The focus of the Board & Executives is on delivering essential nutrients to their beneficiaries (growing children)

  • The recipes are designed to be nutrient-centric rather than profit-centric

  • Research and Development will continuously endeavor to improve nutrient qualities, palatability and optimise costs

  • Lower total costs (no dividends & cost of capital) allow us to include essential animal-sourced proteins & fats into the recipes (dried milk products).

We will ensure that price competitive and incrementally better quality ‘ready-to-eat’ meals are available to NGO’s and Government institutions to feed poor children.

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