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The Inani Startwell Foundation is a South African NPO working to raise awareness and measurably contribute towards eliminating child stunting. The aim is to correct the “norm” that millions of vulnerable South African children, because of socio-economic circumstances, do not have access to food that is rich in growth nutrients during most of their critical developmental years.

Through our Not-for-Profit Processing Business Structure, we vastly improve the quality of ready-to-eat meals we offer to institutions committed to feeding economically disadvantaged children. Therefore the Inani Startwell Foundation partner with feeding schemes to deliver daily nutrient-dense meals.

Welcome to the
Inani Startwell Foundation

The foundation developed and operates two main operating instruments

The StartWell Morning Meal

Together with food scientists, the foundation developed a morning meal under the brand StartWell Foods. This meal is manufactured within a non-profit business model to ensure lower costs as the beneficiaries are the end-users, not any shareholders.


This meal is high in protein and fat, low in sugar and is does not contain any soya. Some feeding schemes use meals fortified with soya to increase the protein content. Most food scientists question whether soya can contribute to poor children’s chronic shortage of essential growth-nutrients.


The Village Project

This volunteering project equips, educates and supports independent teams within their own communities to actively engage and support Early Childhood Development centres (ECD’s) and other feeding scheme initiatives.

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Become Informed


Child Stunting in
South Africa

The term 'Silent Hunger’ or Chronic Malnutrition is used when children have access to food but NOT to nutrients. Some would say their food is energy-rich and nutrient-poor.

The World Health Organisation explains.


The Science
We Trust

“Every single stunting occurrence is 100% preventable.” – WHO

We only have one chance with every child to get this right. By making sure growing children receive good quality carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water during the first 6% of their lives, they can be set up and developed to thrive for the following 94%.


Our Business Philosophy

We have a conviction that to own and operate not-for-profit food processing plants is the purist means to ensure substantially better ‘ready-to-eat’ meals are available to children fed in feeding schemes. 


Non-Profit Cereal Processing Plant

How can breakfast cereals offered to poor children via school feeding schemes be improved meaningfully? How do we fix inadequate recipe formulation?

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