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Child Stunting

The fight against child stunting in South Africa

The term 'Silent Hunger’ or Chronic Malnutrition is used when children have access to food but not nutrients. Some would say their food is energy-rich and nutrient-poor.

Their tummies are filled, but their food does not carry the nutrients necessary to support growth and build their immune systems. ​

Small growing children can become stunted when exposed to ‘Silent Hunger’ or chronic malnutrition.


The World Health Organisation explains

In 2021, 1.7 million South African children under 5 years of age suffered from child stunting. Stunting is defined by a low height-for-age showing a restriction of a child’s potential growth.


Child stunting can happen in the first 1000 days after conception and is related to many factors, including socioeconomic status, dietary intake, infections, maternal nutritional status, infectious diseases, micronutrient deficiencies and the environment.

WHO Link to Boy's height-for-age growth Chart

WHO Link to Girl's height-for-age growth Chart

The effects of this 100% preventable condition are shattering

Again, The World Health Organisation explains

"Stunted children may suffer irreversible brain damage, impeding them from reaching their complete developmental potential. They have a shorter adult height and a higher susceptibility to chronic diseases in adulthood, lower attained schooling and reduced adult income."


Driving a national commitment to a stunting-free generation by 2030

We understand why parents in poverty-stricken communities cannot supply the nutritional needs of their children.

We also understand why child feeding scheme buyers procure the cheapest available products with their limited budgets.

The understanding of the contextual challenges should not deter us from starting to fix the school feeding safety nets even when the shift to nutrient-dense meals is gradual.

For R3-00 per 50g portion (<R70.00 per month) a malnourished, growing child can enjoy a high protein StartWell Nutrient-dense cereal during school days. Due to our Non-Profit processing model, this cost is lower than maize-soya-sugar blends offered by large feeding organizations.

The Meal

The meal meets >85% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for proteins a ± 2-year old growing child requires.

It carries a combination of animal-sourced and plant-based proteins. The bioavailability of dairy, whole-grain and pulse proteins is excellent.


The StartWell "GROW" Nutrient-dense meal is highly palatable and loved by children and adults from all walks of life. It comes in 5 flavours and is packed in 500g refill packs, 650g Jars and 12 kg buckets.

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