Help us build the first-ever Non-Profit Whole Foods Factory in South Africa!

We are building a NON-PROFIT food factory with the sole purpose of manufacturing nutrient-dense cereals served to children from poverty-stricken communities in South Africa. Our non-profit business plan enables us to sell premium-quality cereals to feeding scheme organisations at entry-level prices.

Our biggest hurdle is securing funding for the processing plant. Due to the low-profit margins, traditional financing institutions are not interested in assisting us with loan funding. We have already secured 65% of the required capital and need your assistance to make our dream a reality.

With your help, nutritious food will be within the reach of every South African citizen!

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About the Non-Profit Food Factory

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Phone: (+27) 79 514 0067

Registered NGO: 207-917 NPO

PBO Nr.: 930 062 425

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