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The StartWell™ Nutrient-Dense Meal



High in protein & fats


Rich in antioxidants & vitamin B


Natural sweetener


Full cream milk powder

High in calcium & proteins


Source of high-quality protein


High in fiber & protein


Source of vitamins, magnesium & potassium


Source of high-quality protein


High in protein & fats

  • We suggest
    By removing private shareholder interests, we changed the reason why the company create ready-to-eat recipes (returns on private shareholders investments are always an over-arching focus). When both The Management Team and The Board of Directors drives towards selling nutrient-dense recipes at business sustainable rates, the required shift in focus comes. The primary focus swings away from first making a profit for shareholders and moves towards finding solutions to meet the stated goals, mission and vision.
  • Scale advantages now strengthens the business ecosystem
    The real good outcome is, when scale advantages start to kick in, profits are not stripped towards shareholders but re-invested to strengthen the model. The transparent business nature of social enterprises is also extremely appealing to large donor organisations paying for the meals. Suddenly now the following options are deemed beneficial and not a liability to the business; Including multiple whole grains in the recipes, Including multiple whole legumes in the recipes, Including the germs & husks, to ensure all the actual natural nutrients are available​, Include milk powder to ensure the presence of animal sourced proteins and fats, Reduce sugar as far as possible.
  • Our basic strategy
    To trade our various nutrient-rich products with the open market at competitive market prices, To trade with the feeding schemes market at “cost-plus” pricing formulas. The strategy promises the enterprise to be self-sustainable with a strong financial future.
  • Key principles of a non-profit processing plant
    The operating entity is a Pty (Ltd), and a fully registered SARS taxpayer, 100% of the shares are owned by the Inani Start Well Foundation, Products are priced to ensure the sustainable future of the processing plant, The non-profit shareholders have no dividend payment expectations, Managers are paid market-related incentives.
  • Positive outcomes
    Scientist involved are not asked to compromise their scientific views when it comes to product development. Recipes are designed and processed for their nutritional value, not their profitability, The best possible raw ingredients becomes attractive to use, The non-profit governance structures allow for total financial transparency to all stakeholders, Feeding scheme institutions and organizations can now verify that the major costs drivers are the nutritional contents of the ingredients, Donors and funders can be assured that most monetary value ends up with the stated and targeted beneficiaries, Feeding scheme operators now have access to super quality ready-to-eat meals as an alternative to their current options.

Nutritional Analyses:
The StartWell™ Nutrient-Dense Meal (Vanilla)
*Values from SGS Labs a SANAS Accredited Laboratory


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