StartWell Meal

The StartWell™ Nutrient-Dense Meal

The Nutritional Logic & Ingredients:

To develop a healthy gut biome, children need a diverse diet

  • Four grains to ensure diversity of the grains
  • Two legumes to ensure a variety from the legume family
  • Four dried milk products to ensure various elements of animal-sourced fats and proteins are present

Whole grains will ensure the nutrients in the germ and husks are present and available

  • The germs carry fats and proteins,
  • The husk holds most of the vitamins & minerals,
  • The husks provide fibre.

Children cannot grow and thrive without good quality bioavailable proteins

  • Various premium quality dairy proteins to ensure daily access to bioavailable animal sourced proteins (Whole milk powder, buttermilk powder, whey protein powder).

Healthy fats are essential components of healthy diets

  • Natural fats including animal sourced fats (from dairy) and plant-based fats (from legumes).
  • No processed seed or grain oils and fats added.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Fortified with a specially designed vitamins & minerals cocktail,
  • The selected whole grains are loaded with vitamins & minerals,
  • The selected legumes are laden with vitamins & minerals,
  • The dairy products carry super quality vitamins & minerals.

Ground Rules

  • No soya
  • No preservatives
  • Minimum sugar addition (currently 4%)


Immune System Booster

A solution to a global stunting problem.


Nutritional Analyses:

The StartWell™ Nutrient-Dense Meal (Vanilla)

*Values from SGS Labs a SANAS Accredited Laboratory