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Start a Village Project in Your Community

The Village project cannot exist without volunteers becoming involved in their communities.


Volunteers can consist of church home cell groups, a circle of friends, individuals with extra time on their hands, family members or philanthropists already working in their communities.


Some individuals have the organisational skills, other have the time and some have the resources. If everyone in your group has a passion for the needy and feel want to make a change in this world, you have a winning team!


Let's get you going


  1. Get your group together and determine your strength pool. Ideally your group needs the following roll players (more than one duty can also be fulfilled by the same individual):

  • Convener / Team leader – the person who will champion your project group

  • Administration controller – in charge of generating funds

  • Crèche liaisons member – support and train the crèche personnel

  • Data controller – to capture the data once per month and send to the SWF head office

  • Logistics coordinator – order and receive StartWell cereal and distribute to schools.

2. Contact Yolandi van der Wath to set up a Google Meets training session.

3. Identify one or more ECD’s in your local community.

4. Launch your project and start to get proper food to the children you now support.

Ready to start your Village Project?


​Please fill in your details and Yolandi will be in contact with you to get you going!

Thank you for being a part of our Village Project.

I will be in contact soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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