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Our Business Philosophy & What We Do

What do we stand for and why do we exist?

The Inani Start Well Foundation’s founding documents state that our primary reason for existence is to

Ensure growing children have access to growth nutrients during their early growth years.

Our Board’s mandate is thus to explore innovative ways to achieve this.

Not-For-Profit Food Processing Plants


We have a conviction that owning and operating not-for-profit food processing plants is the purist means to ensure substantially better ‘ready-to-eat’ meals are served to growing infants, toddlers and children at schools and via feeding schemes.

Food processing is NOT reserved for private food enterprises.

  • We have successfully raised the required capital to purchase, commission and operate an automated not-for-profit food extrusion plant,

  • We appointed competent and well-incentivised managers to successfully operate the not-for-profit food processing plant,

  • We designed and successfully launched the StartWell "GROW" Nutrient-dense cereal and other products during the past three years,

  • We can build desirable, loved and trusted food brands,

  • Sponsors, donors, government agencies, NGOs, non-profits, CSI Initiatives and feeding scheme operators increasingly trust and understand our project and products,

  • Our governance regime and transparent financial status are appealing to the aid community.

We will ensure that price-competitive and incrementally better quality ‘ready-to-eat’ meals are available to NGOs, CSI projects and Government institutions to feed malnourished children.

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