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270 000 South African children are added to the

‘stunting pool’ every year

The Inani StartWell Foundation developed an innovative way to address and monitor early child development by introducing a project called “The Village Project”. 


This project equips, educates and supports independent teams within their own communities to actively engage and support Early Childhood Development centres (ECD’s) and other feeding scheme initiatives.

At least 27% of South African children does not receive the minimum required nutrition during their formative years: The so-called First 1000 Days

Why the need to intervene? Are South African schools not supported by organized feeding schemes?


In South Africa, most feeding schemes rely on maize and soya to feed impoverished children. Maize is our cheap and available staple. Soya acts as a cost-effective protein source. None of these two main ingredients of the so-called corn-soy fortified blends has the necessary nutritional ingredients growing children need.


The Village Project Teams identify schools in their area to support and educate to ensure the children get the best possible breakfast at affordable prices.

How do we keep it affordable?


The Inani StartWell foundation establishes “not-for-profit” food processing plants. This shifts the processor’s focus from profits to shareholders to nutritional content. Village Project teams buy directly from the non-profit manufacturer and supply the schools they support on a monthly basis.

What can you do to help?


Help us get proper food in a school feeding scheme near you by piloting a Village Project in your community. Request the Village Project Manual to learn more or get involved:


We can stop stunting.

We have much work to do!