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About Us

Who we are

The Inani StartWell Foundation NPC was established in July 2019 by Org and Yolandi van der Wath, aiming to improve the nutritious content of ready-to-eat, balanced meals served to South African babies, toddlers and children. The ultimate goal is to address the frightening phenomenon of childhood stunting in South Africa.


Few South Africans are aware that almost one in every three children in South Africa suffers from stunted growth. This is largely due to a lack of nutrition in their diets. Childhood stunting is the impaired physical growth and delayed cognitive development that occurs when growing babies and children fail to reach their height-for-age growth markers. The most significant driver for stunting occurrence is a poor nutritional diet during the first 2 000 days, or the first 5-years of a child’s life.

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Our Vision is Inspiring

To measurably contribute towards eliminating child stunting.

Every single measured success is meaningful.

It lays the foundation for all the following early childhood development interventions.

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Our Aim is

  • To take control of the critical recipe creation process in the school feeding value chain.

  • To continually improve the nutritional values of ready-to-eat meals served to children in feeding schemes.

  • To advocate the importance of regular access to high quality ‘growth nutrients’ during the first 2 000 days of a child’s life.

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Our Mission is Pioneering

To establish not-for-profit food processing plants focused on producing and selling nutrient dense ready-to-eat meals.


Our Ethics

The best possible quality and optimum quantity of nutrients are the heart of the matter.


Proteins, fats and carbohydrates making up our meals are minimally processed and bio-available to humans. This can never be compromised.

What we do

It took more than three years to design and pilot the StartWell "GROW" nutrient-rich cereal to find the right balance between nutrient integrity, texture, taste, flavour and costs. The children love it! Various private food scientists and dietitians worked on refining the recipe over this period. Academics at the University of Stellenbosch, the University of Cape Town and the North-West University also assisted with ensuring the nutrient profile of the meal supports child growth.

With your help, nutritious food will be within the reach of every South African citizen!
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