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Thank you for becoming a friend of the Inani StartWell Foundation. You have just become part of a groundbreaking initiative, the first of its kind in the world! You may ask, "First of its kind?" 


Let us explain. The INANI StartWell Foundation launched a not-for-profit food processing plant and therefore, at pioneering low costs, the plant will sustainably manufacture and sell nutrient-rich morning meals to feeding scheme projects and institutions. 

At full capacity, the plant can serve 200 000 toddlers and pre-schoolers from poverty-stricken communities a daily meal portion. We currently support 10 000 children, so we still have much work to do!

You are now part of this initiative to help establish the INANI Startwell Foundation as a leading role player in the fight against chronic malnutrition and childhood stunting amongst South African children.

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Together we can stop stunting.

We have much work to do!


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